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PLA Double Wall Paper Cups

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Double wall paper cups are made from two layers of paper board with PLA coated and are heatproof for hot drinks. They have an extra insulating wrap outside the inner cup to avoid hot beverages burning users’ hands and also facilitating which is useful for take away drinks. The sizes are as follows:



Top diameter


Carton Size(cm)

4 oz

6 mm


76 x 25.5 x 32.5

8 oz

80 mm


88 x 32.3 x 31

10 oz

90 mm


71 x 45.2 x 36.5

12 oz

90 mm


85 x 45.2 x 36.5

16 oz

90 mm


67 x 45.2 x 36.5

20 oz

90 mm


71.5 x 45.2 x 36.5

Features & Benefits:

1. Description: Double wall paper cups reduce the risk of hands being burned.


2. Capacity: Available in a range of sizes from 4oz to 20oz


3. Material: High-quality food grade paperboard ,PLA coated .


Printing: Can be printed in up to 7 colors. Both offset & flex-printing are available using food grade ink .


4. Branding: We provide a full OEM service. Your logo can be printed on the cups.


5. Certification: SGS,FDA


6.Package: 50pcs/bag x 20 bags = 1000pcs/ctn, 25pcs/bag x 20bags= 500pcs/ctn.


7.Usage: double wall paper cups are suitable for serving the hot drinks including tea, coffee and milk. .


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